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The 4-week Career Change Formula Programme

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This coaching programme is for employees who are ready to change their jobs but don't know how. If you are in your job for some time, often you are comfortable where you are and you're also scared to change anything. The outcome of that situation is that you are frustrated and unhappy. Take the first step today and book a strategy call with me. We will discuss how I can help you. In just 4 weeks I will help you to prepare for a new chapter of your life and that is a better career.

Career Elixir



You already made the first step to your new career. You know that what is now does not work for you anymore. You want to do something different but you might not know how to get where you want. Maybe you don't even know where you want your career to be.

WEEK 1 - Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are? If not, you might not be aware of where you should take your career path to. This is going to change in week 1 of this programme. We will use Strengths Profile assessment which is an online tool that will help you understand your realised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. We will also uncover your true potential which lies in your unrealised strengths. Additionally, you will learn what professions are the most suitable to utilise your strengths. That will help you not only be more successful but also less stressed because you will know what your natural talents and predispositions are.  


WEEK 2 - Application & LinkedIn profile

It might be a while since you built up your CV or resume and applied for a job or maybe you don't feel that this is a skill that you could improve. We will improve and build a new application. I will share with you all the organisational knowledge that I gathered throughout my years of experience and the latest requirements. Together we will create a super application - a CV and resume letter that will get you more interview invites than ever before. 


WEEK 3 - Communication SKILLS

This week we will work on your communication skills. You will learn how to gain more attention from recruiters, how to build relationships with them and network with others through online platforms. We will also cover interview skills - what are common mistakes, how to prepare and how to answer "difficult" questions. In the end, we will do the mock interview where you can put your new skills into action.



WEEK 4 - Planning

In the final week, we will create a realistic plan for you to get where you want to be. We will draft a strategy using SMART goals which will help you get into a habit of looking for new employment. Don't worry you will not be on your own after that. I will hold you accountable for your plan and give you tips on what to change and how to prepare going forward. I know it can be challenging to get yourself out there. I will motivate you throughout this process. I have your back! 


A weekly zoom session will be booked to suit your busy working schedule.

On weekly basis, you will receive activity workbooks, which you complete and email to me. 


All of these is only available to women who are ready to put in the effort and take necessary action to create careers in alignment with their true selves. 

Next programme start date - 17 MAY 2021.




Book now via the online store HERE

Past career changers

Sabine, Finance Lead, Dublin

"I used to feel a lack of purpose in my job and wanted to do something more creative. After working with you, I have gained the confidence that everything is achievable with motivation and rigor. Thank you for your time and dedication, I would recommend your coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to unleash their potential to do what they truly want."

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