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Training services

Soft skills

I am delighted to expand my service portfolio on soft skills training offering. Topics covered include time management, communication, prioritization, decision making, teamwork, performance improvement etc.. 

If you are unsure of exactly what your organisation or team might need - contact me and we can discuss that further. 

I am a qualified L&D Trainer and can help you identify and design the training that is tailored to your organisation's needs. 

Stress management and wellbeing

Due to the increase in stress levels resulting from the pandemic, I have created a unique offering that will help your employees become more resilient.  I collaborate with Hazel Hyslop (MSc, Bsc Hons (psych) Mental Health & Leadership Coach / Systemic Psychotherapist) on delivering stress management solutions. 


If you are interested in learning more about this special offering - please click HERE to download the latest offer. 

We are devoted to helping our clients improve their workforce mental wellbeing during these difficult times.  

Worked with:

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“At Leaders Romans Group, we were delighted to have Hazel and Sylwia lead a ‘Stress Management’ workshop for our colleagues during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. Property can be a demanding and stressful industry and our staff members relished the opportunity to learn some advice and tips on looking after their wellbeing, particularly as there was a focus on working under high pressure. Hazel and Sylwia were a delight to work with on the lead up and during the session and received some great feedback from the team including line managers stating they would be using the techniques in their team meetings and colleagues implementing the advice received into their working day. A huge thank you to both – we would highly recommend! them trust you.”

Clare Dunn​

Culture and Engagement Manager

Leaders Romans Group

Stress management and wellbeing coaching programme

We also provide ongoing coaching support for organisations in the form of a 6-12 months programme. Mental wellbeing coaching sessions offer a higher level of engagement, accountability and are tailored towards individual employees unique needs (1-to-1 coaching sessions).


More information and pricing available upon request.

Contact info

Sylwia Glowa


tel. +353 85 840 9974

Hazel Hyslop


tel. +44 78 1654 1310

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