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How to become Coaching Manager?

Due to automation and process improvements in many organisations, some responsibilities of HR departments were shifted to managers. Very often it is up to them to recruit, train their employees but also coach and mentor them too. Unfortunately, many companies did not take too much time to prepare the managers) for these roles.

The modern approach to people management is illustrated below (you can also download as pdf document):

Coaching Manager Competencies
Download • 42KB

This does not obviously mean that you need to become a certified coach, trainer and mentor but rather draw beneficial techniques from those roles when needed.

The best way to start a coaching process is to introduce it after an employee is settled within a role (usually after 3 months). That will help the employee further develop their autonomy and strengthen communication.

One of the most important things in a coaching process is highlighting clarity. That increases awareness of the positive aspects and space for change to be completely defined. We operate based on solutions and we concentrate on what employees can control (or what they can influence). The aim of Coaching Managers is to support their employees to realise their talents, help them to achieve their personal goals whilst working to help the company achieve its overall target. The coaching approach maximises the autonomy of the employee so that they can independently make decisions.

Implementing the role of a coach in an existing manager position does not mean that you need to be someone else. It is rather choosing the coaching model as a fundamentally effective way of managing a team.

The effectiveness of your team has never more important than now so it is worth reviewing your existing skillset and implement new techniques so that your team can thrive.

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