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How to know your workplace a 'good place'?

You can’t flourish at a workplace where employee’s wellness and wellbeing is not a treasured and sacrosant value. 🌱

We often hear about toxic workplaces and most of us have a good idea of how such workplaces look like.

Do you know how to recognise if your workplace is a positive workplace for you? 🤔 Here are some common traits to help you identify if you are in the ‘good workplace’:

  1. Employer displays its’ values and purpose in line with what we believe is true for ourselves.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you know what is your company’s mission statement?

  • What behaviours are exemplified as the highest commitment of service and quality within the organisation to customers and shareholders?

  • Are the goals of the business ethical and transparent? .

2. Support + recognition - how employees are treated make a lot of difference. Observe if

employees organisation enjoy their work, feel valued and rewarded. Major red flags

include fear of colleagues or management (whether perceived or real), domination,

bullying, sexual harassment, and intimidation.

It is easy to be supportive when things go smoothly but extra support during challenging

times in our lives, e.g. accidents, illnesses, personal tragedies, etc., is when the support is

really magnified. Are employees adequately supported, treated with compassion and

respected during such challenging times of their lives? Are senior colleagues and/or

management pilling pressure on their shoulders whilst ignoring their need for the

necessary support?

3. Transparent communication - it is not just what you say but how you say it that matters.

Senior management set the tone for a constructive and non-judgemental environment for

open dialogues. Are employees open to solving difficulties in a positive way? OR are they

engaging in manipulative, revengeful and destructive mind-games?

4. Teamwork - a workplace that embraces integration, cooperation, empowerment and

engender a sense of common goal is a healthy workplace. Competition is seen as

improvement in overall quality of skills and service without vengeful backstabbing.

5. Leadership - employees are lead by the examples, behaviours and corporate culture

perpetuated by leadership team. Do they ‘walk the talk’?

6. Wellbeing culture - employers should emphasise the importance of good health, family

support, and a healthy and vibrant workplace. Review company policies and programs

to understand what kind of support the organisation provides.

7. Flexibility + creativity - we are all aware that the only constant in life is ‘CHANGE’.

The current pandemic is a big example of this statement. Do companies and their

employees embrace change and accommodate new trends? What’s the emphasis on

employee skill development?

I would also add to this jar sense of humour as it helps us to keep going even when we are faced with challenges.

What are other qualities of workplace that you appreciate? Share in the comment below. 👇

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