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Strenghts Profile is a developmental model which reveals your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses through an online assessment.

The assessment is done by measuring the following:


“Play to your strengths. If you aren’t great at something, do more of what you’re great at.”

Jason Lemkin

Results of the assessment are divided into four quadrants to help you identify where you are at the moment and uncover areas for future growth. 

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Benefits of using your strengths

  • Increased confidence - once you are more of your natural strengths you know exactly where you stand. You can start working on things you are good at and love doing.

  • Improved wellbeing - become more resilient and less stressed by focusing your attention towards your strengths. Your natural talents can help you along the way to desired lifestyle, strengthening your relationships and managing through life situations. 

  • Empowered Leadership skills - understand how you got to this point of your life and where you want to be in the future. Set up goals that will have the most impact on what you do as they are coming from your strengths.

  • Better career choices - don't waste your talents by sitting in the job you hate. Let's discover your best abilities through your strengths and understand what lights you up so you can be happy with your professional life. 

Who is it for?

⇨ An individual who is interested in self-development and wants to find out more about their strengths and how to accelerate their career by using them.

⇨ A Manager who wants to improve his soft skills through self-awareness and emotional intelligence to improve connection with his team members, spot their own strengths and improve their effectiveness and satisfaction from the job.

⇨ A Team who wants to achieve more by understanding each other strengths and playing on them so they can enhance their results at work and be more effective especially in times of crisis. 

⇨ Organisation - Strengths Profile can help you build a strengths culture through our Profiles, Toolkits, and learning. Help your people to be their best self everyday and love what they do. Strengths-based work cultures see an increase in sales, profit, and customer engagement.

⇨ Students & Teachers - the results of Strengths Profile provide students and educators with the tools and language to unlock people’s authentic Best SELF. The Career Guide included, which recommends sectors that play to your strengths, will support conscious career choices. Students at institutions that use strengths to develop them are 30x more engaged and excited about their future.

⇨ Coaches - Strengths Profile is a powerful coaching tool which reveals your coachee’s unique realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses along with job sector recommendations. Strengths-based coaching helps people set the goals that are right for their strengths and mitigates weaknesses.

Types of Strengths Profile

✭ Introductory Profile - Reveals your unique Quadrant Profile with up to 7 realised and unrealised strengths, 4 learned behaviours and 3 weaknesses. Use the descriptions and advice to become self-aware and develop your strengths even further. Includes a Career Guide recommending up to 6 job sectors for your realised strengths and 2 potential sectors for your unrealised strengths giving you the tools for a successful.

✭ Expert Profile - For those who are keen self-developers, this Profile reveals all 60 strengths and where they feature for you within the 4 categories. Also identifies your personal patterns within the 5 Strengths Families and your strengths career guide recommendations.

✭ Team Expert Profile - Using the completed individual Profiles, select team members to feature in a Team Manager Profile that provides focused advice for managing and developing each team member’s top two realised and unrealised strengths, as well as some watch out for tips.

✭ Team Manager Profile - The Team Expert Profile reveals the combined data across each team member's Expert Profile. It reveals all 60 strengths within the team across the realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, and includes the Strengths Families. Use to help teams understand their greatest areas for success and any potential gaps to address.

Find out more about STRENGTHS PROFILE in that video

If you want to find out more how to implement strengths in your organisation - Click here.

Strengths Facts

The research shows that people who use their strengths more are:

  1. Happier

  2. More confident

  3.  Have higher levels of self-esteem

  4. Have more energy and vitality

  5. Experience less stress

  6. Are more resilient 

  7. Are more likely to achieve their goals

  8. Perform better at work

  9. Are more engaged at work

  10. Are more effective at developing themselves and growing as individuals

Breaking own by the types of profiles you can learn even more about benefits

  • Individuals report to have:

       - more awareness of their strengths and ability to focus on them, other than focusing on weaknesses

deeper appreciation for their strengths, understanding where their learned behaviours could be blocking their potential, a respect for their weaknesses, an excitement how they might use their unrealised strengths more often

       - ability to make positive personal development changes as a result of the workshop

  • Teams report to have:

       - a greater understanding in how to use their strengths to be more effective at work

       - understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues as a result of strengths development

       - appreciating their colleagues more as a result of strengths workshop

       - knowing how to use their strengths to be more effective at work

  • Managers report to have:

 - deeper insights into those they are coaching and an enhanced ability to support people in achieving and unleashing their potential

       - feeling confident in identifying strengths in themselves and their team members 

       - knowing how to manage others based on their strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses

       - a positive impact on workplace diversity

  • Organisations report to have:

       - strengths language being used to support teams across daily tasks

       - improved communications within teams through more efficient and consistent dialogue

- teams now delegating more around strengths, and recruiting around gaps that have been identified during workshops

       - better ways of working and more momentum in achieving individual and team goals

 - seeing change in behaviour and a drive to continue their improvements, knowing they can track their progress through re-taking Strengths Profile

Strengths Facts Source : The Strengths Profile Book : Finding What You Can Do + Love to Do and Why It Matters, By  Alex Linley & Trudy Bateman

Clients reviews

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 18.41.06.png

"The top benefit I received from working with Sylwia coach include new and greater understanding into myself and my hidden strengths
I really enjoyed my time working with Sylwia, I thought she was a really good coach and very insightful. She is super friendly and made the session really enjoyable as well as informative. I would definitely work with her again!"


—  Sapphire Bates, Founder of The Coven Girl Gang

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