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My interest in coaching started when I took steps in doing coaching training in early 2010. I was working at Red Hat at the time, and the coaching trend was starting to make its way into the business world. I quickly realized that it was a much better management and development tool than the outdated 'carrot-and-stick' approach.  To begin with, I did a one-day certificate course but I felt it wasn't enough.


After the birth of my second daughter, I took my coaching education to a higher level with cognitive-behavioural coaching or problem-focused coaching. I was educated under the guidance of pioneers of coaching psychology such as Prof. Stephen Palmer and Dr. Siobhain O'Riordan.

I became a Coach because I love working with people and I believe coaching is the best process for personal development. I think that everyone is unique and we each have unique strengths that will help us succeed in our careers. My motto is "Dare to be yourself".

With 20 years of exceptional professional experience working in global companies, I combine a unique blend of practical skills and perspectives in my coaching approach. I know exactly what challenges you face every day and I will help you set goals and tailor a strategy unique to your situation. I work with individuals at various levels of their careers and coordinate group sessions. I also create tailored training and workshops for my clients. My passion is the well-being of the employee and preventing work burnout. I regularly undergo a supervision process.

Privately, I am in a wonderful relationship and I have two adolescent daughters. I love travelling, and enjoy good food and music. My inspiration includes Oprah Winfrey (whose event I attended in the US :o), Iyanla Vanzant and Mel Robbins. I lived in Ireland for 16 years, thanks to which I speak and coach fluently also in English.

Contact me HERE to find out how we can work together.

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My Qualifications:

AC Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching (Centre for Coaching in London):

  • Certificate in Coaching

  • Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching

  • Primary Certificate in Problem Focused Counselling, Coaching & Training

  • Certificate in Psychological Coaching

​Certificate of Accreditation (Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner)

Professional Practice Certificate in Training and Development (Irish Institute of Training and Development)

BA in Sociology. Specialisation: Sociology of human behaviour

Postgraduate course in HR

I am an Affiliate Member of the Association for Coaching

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#cognitivebeheviouralcoach #solutionfocuscoach


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