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3 Signs You Have An Abusive Boss & Why They'll Stop Your Success

Why you can't progress in your career any further...

It is very true that 'People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses'. I have seen this in action across my 13+ years of experience in the corporate world. I have seen so many talented people leave their jobs because they could not see any further progress in their careers. They were frustrated and completely burned out. I could not understand for years why their managers would give up so easily on such an amazing talent pool. Until... I found myself in the same position.

I was doing whatever I could to please my boss - I worked up to 15 hours a day, travelling to other countries to attend meetings, upgrading my skills through additional courses. The workload and stress were immense - it took a toll on my body and it finally collapsed. I ended up in a hospital for two months with sepsis and I eventually left my job.

3 Signs You Have An Abusive Boss& Why They'll Stop Your Success

Since leaving my job in a major tech company - a well-paid role with prestige - my views on effective ways of working has completely changed. People thought I was mad for leaving, yet, I knew I couldn't stay as my health was in serious danger. At the time, I was a single mum with two young daughters. If something had happened to me, they would have been left on their own.

After the hospital episode, I reorganised my life - I qualified as a Coach and became my own boss. Through coaching practice, I now clearly understand that my situation was not an isolated incident. You'd be surprised how many women that I work with go through the exact same situation at work. They also could not understand why this was happening to them considering that they were high achievers, have very strong ethics and work standards.

The common denominator in these situations was that one person - an abusive boss. Often than not, the boss prioritises targets before people to the extent that they wouldn't stop until they get what they want.

With a myriad of employment laws and corporate policies, it is hard to believe that situations like these still happen in workplaces. But... don't be mistaken... The signals you receive from your boss can be so subtle that you might think that YOU ARE THE ONE doing things wrong.

If you are frustrated and worried about your career, here are 3 red flags to help you assess if your boss is abusive, based on my experience.

1. Recognition

You don't feel recognised for your work. You may have completed all your tasks and took on extra responsibilities but no matter how much you got done, it's never enough.

2. Relationships

You are on good terms with colleagues but your boss may slowly isolate you from the team. You start feeling that you can no longer trust anyone.

3. Resignation

You try so hard to fix the sour relationship with your boss without success. You feel even more frustrated and isolated, which can have an impact on your physical and mental health.

After all the efforts, you may come to the realisation that your only options are either to carry on with the status quo - working in a toxic environment and do further damage to your wellbeing - or leave a job that you once loved.

I know how hard it is to go through something like that on your own but with my experience and coaching support, I can help you address your problems. Feel seen and heard while creating a career that will support your wellbeing.


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I so look forward to helping you at this extremely challenging time for your career and wellbeing.

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