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Maximizing Potential: How Working Women Can Embrace their Natural Cycles to Boost Productivity.

Working women face many challenges, from juggling multiple roles to facing inequality in the workplace. But one challenge that often goes unnoticed is dealing with their natural cycles. The menstrual cycle affects energy levels, mood, and physical performance in different ways throughout the month. By embracing this natural cycle and adjusting work schedules accordingly, women can maximize their potential and increase productivity. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of working with our natural cycles and how employers can create supportive work environments for women.

Understanding natural periods

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that affects every woman's life. It is often associated with fatigue, mood swings, and irritability. However, understanding the menstrual cycle can help women learn to work with these changes, rather than against them. During the menstrual cycle, estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, affecting a woman's mood, energy, and cognitive abilities. Women may feel more energetic and focused during the follicular phase, which begins after menstruation and lasts approximately two weeks. At this time, estrogen levels are high, promoting feelings of confidence and creativity. During the luteal phase, which begins after ovulation and lasts approximately two weeks, progesterone levels increase, leading to feelings of sluggishness and decreased productivity.

By understanding these changes, women can tailor their work schedules to optimize their productivity. For example, planning intensive tasks during the follicular phase and scheduling restorative activities, such as yoga or meditation, during the luteal phase. Additionally, communicating with employers and colleagues about the natural cycle can foster an understanding and supportive workplace.

Incorporating the menstrual cycle into daily life can reduce burnout and increase productivity. Rather than fighting against natural changes, working with the menstrual cycle can help women harness their full potential.

Embracing natural cycle at Work

Working women often find it challenging to balance their professional and personal life. Add the menstrual cycle to the mix, and it could be an overwhelming experience. However, embracing your natural cycle can help you take control of your productivity and wellbeing.

Start by getting to know your cycle and the associated changes. Observe how it affects your mood, energy levels, and physical symptoms. Once you have a better understanding, try scheduling your tasks according to the menstrual cycle. For example, during the follicular phase (day 1-14), when you have higher energy levels, take on more challenging tasks. Similarly, during the luteal phase (day 15-28), when you might experience mood swings and fatigue, focus on tasks that require less energy.

By embracing your natural cycle, you can increase your productivity, reduce burnout, and optimise physical performance. Remember, it's not about working harder but smarter! Take control of your menstrual cycle and maximise your potential at work.

Maximizing potential

Working women often struggle to balance their personal and professional lives effectively. Fortunately, understanding their natural cycles can significantly enhance their potential. By embracing their menstrual cycle, women can achieve optimal performance both physically and mentally.

Working with the menstrual cycle allows for better energy management, which ultimately reduces burnout and enhances productivity. In the follicular phase, women tend to have improved energy levels, making it ideal for tackling complex assignments and projects. During the luteal phase, individuals are more suited to detail-oriented and administrative tasks. This awareness of the natural cycle also allows for physical training that aligns with hormonal changes, resulting in optimal performance.

Women are often taught to dissociate themselves from their reproductive capability, resulting in workplaces that do not support menstrual health. However, some companies are breaking these taboos by implementing menstrual leave and workplace support services. By normalizing the cycle, individuals can unlock their potential and thrive personally and professionally.

Workplace support and infrastructure

When employers create supportive work environments, women can manage their periods and work effectively. Some companies provide menstrual cycle policies, which can make a significant difference.


Incorporating your natural cycle into your work routine can lead to increased productivity, reduced burnout and improved physical performance. By scheduling tasks according to your cycle and communicating with employers and colleagues, you can optimize your potential. Employers should create supportive work environments, and examples of companies with menstrual cycle policies are emerging.

Note: The blog was based on the work of Kate Northrup.

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