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I will help you to build a career strategy that syncs with your personal life.

You will learn how to manage stress and enhance your personal growth.

Hi, My name is Sylwia Glowa and my mission is to help you to create the best career strategy through exceptional coaching techniques and tools. With 20 years of organisational experience in top global companies, I bring a unique practical-based perspective, not just theoretical principle. 

I know exactly what challenges you face daily and I will help you break through them.

My Services

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Tailored 1:1 coaching

Services designed to your personal needs. Achieve your goals with support of professional coach.

Organisational Services

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Contact me directly for tailored solutions suitable for your organisation. I can deliver required training or provide Executive Coaching/Mentoring that will help your employees in self-development.

I work at Psychotherapy Clinic and Mental Health Zone

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Areas of my expertise:

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Career Coaching and Mentoring
  • Career Guidance and Advice

  • Strengths Profile Assessment & Facilitation for individuals, Teams and Manager specific

  • Organisational Training

  • Stress Management

  • Performance Coaching

  • Burnout coaching

Benefits of Coaching

  • Clear career development pathways

  • Identify your strengths and talents to elevate your career

  • Guaranteed increase in individual and team performance and engagement

  • Achieve long-term resilience, wellbeing and longevity

  • Improve confidence level and satisfaction

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Working Cafe


I'm based in Krakow, Poland but I work online so I connect with people worldwide

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I worked with these organisations:

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