Helping employees to build a sustainable career and maximise their results by developing their strengths.

Hi, My name is Sylwia Glowa and my mission is to help you to create the best career strategy through exceptional coaching techniques and tools. With 20 years of organisational experience in top global companies, I bring a unique practical-based perspective, not just theoretical principle. 

I know exactly what challenges you face daily and I will help you break through them.

My Services

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Comprehensive '4-week' program which will help you to create a sustainable career on your terms. This 1:1 coaching will help you learn the necessary tools so you can thrive.

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This '6-week' program is designed to help you to understand how to navigate through burnout and make it on the other side stronger than ever. 

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Organisational Services

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Strengths Profile Bundle
Full Strengths Profile Assessment + Debrief

This coaching intervention is designed to want to avail a quick career coaching intervention. It is suitable for someone who'd stagnant in their career, wants to change their profession or learn how to be more effective.

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Benefits of Career Coaching

  • Clear career development pathways

  • Identify your strengths and talents to elevate your career

  • Guaranteed increase in individual and team performance and engagement

  • Achieve long-term resilience, wellbeing and longevity

  • Improve confidence level and satisfaction

These are the areas of my expertise:

    • Career Coaching and Mentoring

    • Career Guidance and Advice

    • Executive & Leadership Coaching

    • Organisational Training

    • Strengths Profile Assessment & Facilitation for individuals, Teams and Manager specific

    • Stress Management

    • Performance Coaching

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I'm based in Dublin but I work online so I connect with people worldwide

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I work with these organisations:

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